Remodelling Your Home This Summer

With most of the summer still ahead, it seems like the best time for rest and relaxation. Or… it could mean the perfect opportunity to make those changes around the house that they have been waiting to do since the Spring!   A renovation or remodel on your home could mean excellent returns on your [...]

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Client Interview: Single Mom Qualifies for Mortgage

Buying a home is likely the biggest financial investment you will ever make. Families stay in their homes for 30+ years and watch their families grow up in the same house, often passing it down to the next generation. Many others enjoy the idea of buying one home, then upgrading to their next (often bigger) [...]

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Spring Into Action: Refinance Your Mortgage With the Help of a Mortgage Broker

We sprung forward last weekend by changing our clocks one hour ahead. For some, their microwave and oven clocks are once again displaying the correct time since the last time we needed to adjust our clocks (in the Fall). Patience is a virtue – except for when it comes time to refinance a mortgage! The [...]

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Should I Rent Or Should I Own?

To own or not to own? That is the eternal question! No one really has the answer to that because they must make that decision for themselves based on their financial realities. However, there is a recent article that suggests that now is the time to invest in a home - especially in Edmonton. Edmonton is [...]

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Holiday Hours

Please note that our offices will be closed from December 22 until December 27, 2017 to celebrate the holidays. For the New Year holidays, we will be closed from December 29, 2017 until January 3, 2018. We look forward to serving you in 2018 to help you plan for new investments, home improvements and mortgage [...]

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Mortgages with the 20%

There have been a lot of discussions around the new mortgage rules and I have had a few clients ask about what that means for them. Since stress testing on mortgages began last year, the biggest change in January will be for people who are putting more than a 20% down payment on their new [...]

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Knowing When Less Is More

No one wants to be told that they are not allowed to have something. We live in Canada; as Canadians, our focus has always been to strive for better and for more. That said, there appears to be a growing trend around co-sharing which means people are increasingly moving away from owning their own cars, [...]

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Back to School & Financial Literacy

It is the back to school season and children have undoubtedly asked for the latest, greatest gadgets and clothing before seeing their school friends again. One lesson could give kids the confidence to start the school year off well, and stay with them until their adulthood: financial budgeting. Financial lessons can start young with simple concepts around [...]

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What Rising Interest Rates Mean For You

There have been many new articles lately that talk about rising interest rates and what that will mean for Canadians. Some believe that this is a way for the government to stress test loan delinquency rates in the country since a rise in interest rates leads to higher monthly payments. Others simply believe that since [...]

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Buying A Second Home And Not Paying For It!

I was out shopping the other day and was surprised to see “Back to School” products already on store shelves. While we may not want to think of the Fall’s approach so soon after the start of summer, it’s important to think ahead as you plan the return to school for your university-aged children. Where [...]

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