It’s the season of giving and although your sentiment might be in the right place, your wallet might not be. I can sympathize with the holidays being a tough time to get through when you’re a little strapped for cash.

If it’s that time to renew your mortgage, though, this holiday might just be very merry.

Many people just automatically renew their mortgage with their bank once they get their notice a few months before their mortgage is up. By working with a mortgage broker, like me, we might be able to secure you with a much lower rate – thereby reducing your monthly payments and giving you a little extra spending cash during the holiday season.

The best part of securing a lower mortgage interest rate, is saving you money in the long run and allowing you to put more of those savings towards paying off your mortgage faster.

I would like to make this holiday season a little more jolly for you, so please don’t be shy in asking questions that could give you a little extra room in your wallet, and a few more presents under the tree.

Santa wallet
Photo Credit : Getty Images