To own or not to own? That is the eternal question!

No one really has the answer to that because they must make that decision for themselves based on their financial realities. However, there is a recent article that suggests that now is the time to invest in a home – especially in Edmonton.

Edmonton is one of the rare Canadian cities boasting a stable and affordable real estate market. Since Canadians only have to provide a down payment of 5 percent for homes listed for less than $500,000. This means Edmonton is still one of the few Canadian cities where starter homes are still exactly that: a property affordable enough for young professionals to buy after a minimal time spent saving.

In spite of recent mortgage changes, the housing market has remained relatively stable according to Darcy Torhjelm, chair of the Realtors Association of Edmonton. Buyers are still optimistic about the market and making purchases on homes.

The question remains, though, is buying a house right for you? Only you can answer that question, but I would be happy to look at the options you might have. Together, we can review your current financial situation and look at the types of options that could make sense for you and your family.

To read the full article on why this is a good time to buy and invest in your home as equity for the future, check out the article in Buzz Buzz Home.